I am working with Oracle Hyperian smartview for Office, Fusion Edition. Extracted the msi and tried instaling silently so got this error "The InstallScript Engine is missing from this machine... " so If I ran the "ISScript10.Msi" first and then my application msi next its installing without any errors. I am okay with this but when I searched online come across with ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 property but when I applied that,it didn't work for me 




so my question is

a) What is the best practice to handle this type of error (Installthe msi first or use public properties and CA's??)

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Check your main msi has any f1, f2, f3...fn custom actions..

If they are there then you have to install ISScript10.msi as a pre-req.. 

If they are not there then you can break the ISScript10.msi dependency by commenting other ISScript related custom actions (not f1, f2..fn) in main msi..

ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 is to bypass Setup.EXE not to skip ISScript10.msi dependency

Answered 08/14/2012 by: jagadeish
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The best way to handle prerequisites is to install them; it sounds like you are trying to work around a requirement for the MSI.  Doing that will take a lot more effort than ensuring that your environment has what is needed to install the required software.

Answered 08/14/2012 by: Arminius
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- Your build should ideally include all the IS runtimes/engines

- ISSETUPDRIVEN is used to force MSIs to run outside the control of the vendor's set-up stub. You will sometimes need to capture activity which a stub undertakes, as many vendors are too stupid to work out how to add that activity into their MSIs.

It's easy enough to test if the stub does anything like that: install the extracted MSI, "hide" the installation data in the registry and then perform a gap-capture using the stub.

Answered 08/16/2012 by: VBScab
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