I have a script that I have been using to install a network printer from command line. The dell kace pushes it out to the workstation, but I have been unable to get it to execute the script. Can anyone show me a link to how to sucessfully run a vbscript from the dell kace? Here is the code:

Dim Computer, DriverName, DriverInf, IPAddress, PortName, PrinterName 

Dim WMI, NewPort, NewDriver, NewPrinter 


' Enter Details of Printer 

' Computer on which to create the printer. 

Computer = "." 

' The printer driver's name. 

DriverName = "Canon iR-ADV C7055/7065 UFR II" 

' The full path and filename of the .inf file. 

DriverInf = "\\Path\to\INF\CNLB0U.inf" 

' The printer's IP address. 

IPAddress = "ip.of.network.printer" 

' The printer's Name. 

PrinterName = "ADV C7065" 

' End of Details entering 


' The port name that will be created. 

PortName = "IP_" & IPAddress 


' Establish WMI connection to specified computer. 

' Note that the loaddriver privilege is required to add the driver. 

Set WMI = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationlevel=impersonate" _ 

  & ",(loaddriver)}!//" & Computer & "/root/cimv2") 


' Step A: Install the printer's driver. 

Set NewDriver = WMI.Get("Win32_PrinterDriver") 

NewDriver.Name = DriverName 

NewDriver.InfName = DriverInf 

Result = NewDriver.AddPrinterDriver(NewDriver) 


If Result = 0 Then 

  WScript.Echo "Added printer driver: " & DriverName 


  WScript.Echo "Error " & Result & " adding printer driver: " & DriverName 


End If 


' Step B: Create a TCP/IP printer port for the printer. 

Set NewPort = WMI.Get("Win32_TCPIPPrinterPort").SpawnInstance_ 

NewPort.HostAddress = IPAddress 

NewPort.Name = PortName 

NewPort.Protocol = 1  ' 1 = Raw, 2 = LPR 



WScript.Echo "Created printer port: " & PortName 


' Step C: Add the printer. 

Set NewPrinter = WMI.Get("Win32_Printer").SpawnInstance_ 

NewPrinter.DriverName = DriverName 

NewPrinter.DeviceID = PrinterName 

NewPrinter.PortName = PortName 



WScript.Echo "Created printer: " & PrinterName 

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Also with printers make sure you change to "logged in user" since by default it will run as SYSTEM.

Answered 07/27/2012 by: dugullett
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Answered 07/27/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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