For large applications (like Adobe CS4 and CS5) on the K2000 we're hosting the setup files on a shared server and we want to use the Remote Site Appliance itself as the server. We have 20+ RSAs in our school district. In the post installation task we need some way to build the drive mapping command so that it sets up the drive mapping based on the specific RSA on which the SI task is running.

Is there a way, in a batch file, to capture information about the RSA and use it to build this command? For example:

If machine name includes 'Bldg A' then the command is 'net use z: \\BldgA-Srv\apps . . . '

If machine name includes 'Bldg B' then the command is 'net use z: \\BldgB-Srv\apps . . . '

What we're trying to accomplish here is to avoid having to use the network to transport the huge collection of setup files for the task. We want the traffic to stay within the building where the RSA is located.

Has anyone ever done anything like this?



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Right a script to do it. From a high level

  • check machine name
  • mount correct drive
  • install app
Answered 04/12/2012 by: dchristian
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  • Isn't that just a restatement of what he's asking?
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Pumba, have you considered a local fileserver at each site, i.e. a NAS of some sort? I'd do a lot to alleviate network overhead. If you utilize Adobe's Enterprise installation toolkit you can build a single-file silent installer, but that still doesn't fully resolve the issue... I'll play with my K2000 and follow this topic to see what I can cook up. I'm in a bit of downtime, and I suppose I'll eventually need to do the same, so I'll post the results of my research back here. Followed.


Answered 04/13/2012 by: lcadhelpdesk
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I would do it my IP subnet personally, if the 3rd octet is 10, then its site A, get files from here.

Just an example.

Answered 04/20/2012 by: cserrins
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  • This is exactly how I plan on doing it. I might use 2nd octet. But what do I use to sync/replicate the drives should I just manually sync using ROBOCOPY. I just need to take the stress of deploying adobe cs off a single centralized file server across the WAN
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::Checks first 5 characters of %COMPUTERNAME% variable


If /i "%Computername:~0,5%" EQU "BLDGA" goto BldgA


net use z: \\server\path

install program x from Z:

goto end



net use z: \\server\path

install program x from Z:




Answered 04/16/2012 by: andibogard
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  • Something like that, you might need to Google the first command, I'm not sure I got it right.
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