I have a MS Office + Lync 2011 for Mac package I have been trying to push through KACE to install.  The package gets copied to the guest computer but after that it doesnt run and KACE reports that it finished without errors.

I built the package with all the files we needed built into it, and when you execute the install script locally it runs perfectly.  If you install the package manually it also works without problems so I don't know why KACE is not deploying it properly.

Currently my KACE logic is like this:


Task 1

On Failure:   Break  Continue


  1. Always Fail.

On Success


  1. Launch “/usr/bin/\hdiutil” with params “attach -nobrowse ”$(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)/msoffice2011sp4.dmg“.
  2. Launch “/usr/sbin/\installer” with params “-package ”/Volumes/Microsoft Office 2011 Setup/office-setup.pkg“ -target /&& hdiutil unmount ”/Volumes/Microsoft Office 2011 Setup“/”.
  3. Create a message window named “Sucess!” with title “Install Successful”, message “Microsoft Office 2011 SP4 14.4.1 for Mac has been installed.” and timeout “60” seconds.
  4. Launch “/Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin\runkbot” with params “2 0”.

On Remediation Success

On Remediation Failure

Add Task Section…


The problem is not happening just with Office, but I have 3 other applications that give me the same problem.  Can someone review my logic and see if there is something I am doing wrong?

























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  • i do not know in the specific case what's going on but I'd suggest to add more logging (kace loggings and system logging as well)
    Launch “/usr/sbin/\installer” with params “-package ”/Volumes/Microsoft Office 2011 Setup/office-setup.pkg“ -target / >> /tmp/mylog.log && etc etc.....

    So at the end of the execution you will see in the /tmp/mylog.log the output of the commands you issues.
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Following the advise from chucksteel, didn't work eitherway.  I dont understand why Dell wont allow 'Run a Bash Script' from the Remediation interface like you can do from Windows with Batch Scripts.

Instead of using a dmg, I zipped up the .pkg and I made a script called install.sh that has "unzip "office-setup.zip" && installer -pkg "office-setup.pkg" -target /" for it to install.

When I push the script via KACE it copies the files to the target but it chokes, when you check the install, it says it failed.  But when you check the logs it says it installed without issues, but it really didnt install. 

Now If I remote into that iMac and I manually run ./install.sh it runs perfect and installs the package.

I went in and I created the managed install, pointed it to my target iMac and it never arrived.


I am pretty frustrated with KACE and how it handles installs for Mac, but what frustrates me the most is their Tech Support.  They take more than 1 week to reply to me, and when they do they reply with the most stupid asinine answer you can think of, only to tell me later, that Mac support on scripting is considered a custom job and they want me to pay them for supporting us.  Our company already shells more than $100K a year, and they still want more?

/end of rant/


Answered 05/16/2014 by: gpalau
Senior Yellow Belt

  • I'm confused about your setup for the managed install. It sounds like you have a zip that contains your install.sh and an office-setup.zip. Is that correct?
    • no. the only file in the zip is office-setup.pkg, install.sh gets copied as a dependency.
      • So you're still trying to use a script instead of a managed install, then. The script is probably reporting that it was successful because it launched the install.sh as requested. It doesn't have a way of knowing if the install.sh command did what it was supposed to do, just that it launched it.
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I tried doing managed install but it didn't deploy... I don't understand what is KACE's problem... If I run the script manually it works.  If I push it via KACE it doesn't.

Answered 05/19/2014 by: gpalau
Senior Yellow Belt

  • What happened with the managed install? Did the zip get pushed to the client? Was in unzipped? Was your install script part of the zip file or are you specifying the commands on the manually configure option?
    • I did the commands as you specified them. The app never got pushed to the client at all.
      • Is the managed install set to delete downloaded files? If that is set, uncheck the option and force the client to checkin again. This will allow you to check if the files were downloaded to the machine and start debugging what might have happened.
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Since you're installing an application you should try to use a distribution. For my Office 2011 distribution I did the following:

Create a custom inventory rule titled Microsoft Office 2011 that checks for DirectoryExists(/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011).

Create a zip file of the Office installer package. If you are a volume license customer you should be able to download an installer from Microsoft that includes the latest service pack.

Upload the zip file to the software title I created earlier.

Create a managed install with the following parameters:

Installation Command: Configure Manually: unzip "Office Installer.zip" && installer -pkg "Office Installer.pkg" -target /

Don't Prepend msiexec.exe: Checked

Managed Action: Execute anytime.

Answered 05/15/2014 by: chucksteel
Red Belt

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