I have an Adobe CS5.5 installation .msi file. (used the AAME and ORCA to customize) I have tested it via command line with a transform file and silent install switches and It installs. My problem is i cannot get the exact same commands to install with the K1000 using the configure manually using the same syntax nor can i make a .bat file and upload it to the kbox and make that work. So basically i am not sure what method i should try to use. I feel like i have tried everything with both techniques. I am trying to install from a AD network share.
(i made a x86 and x64 version both work via command line).

Here is what i am trying to do.. works command line and .bat just not from the k1000 Managed Install screen.

msiexec /i "\\dfs\adv\Workgroups\ADV Common\Helpdesk\Kace packages\Adobe CS5 x64\Build\Adobe CS5 x64.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\dfs\adv\Workgroups\ADV Common\Helpdesk\Kace packages\Adobe CS5 x64\Build\custom.mst" /q /l*v "C:\adobecustinst.log"

When doing the .bat file technique it downloads the file in the kace\downloads folder but doesn't successfully initiate the install. (think it was error 1619 in the log.)
When doing the config manually nothing happened i think.

The share is a common directory everyone has rights to.
I am so close this last hurdle seems tricky.

Thanks for any help,

EDIT: Would it be better to use a RUN NOW script or setup a script that opens cmd and runs the cmd line with transform etc.?
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My guess is the mapping to share is failing. Why not bring payload into K1?
Answered 03/28/2012 by: scriptingninja
Fifth Degree Black Belt

  • Share path is good... i could read it backwards in Klingon by now. Client machine can connect and the file share is a common directory everyone in the org can reach. I would prefer to upload it to the k1000 but the file size is too large.
  • I have also faced al similar situation, where adobe installer failed to installed from network share.
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It is not recomended to create a transform file. I would suggest you to read the document and it contains the way to customize it and then deploy it silently.
Answered 03/29/2012 by: piyushnasa
Red Belt

  • Do you mean the k1000 admin guide?
  • no guide with Adobe CS5.5
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The batch file would run as system, so it isn't a logged in user maybe? It may work better if you uploaded the .MSI as a dependency.
Answered 03/27/2012 by: WGM_Jeff
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  • I wanted to upload it all and zip it etc but the file size exceeds the 2GB min.
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Not sure if CS5.5 will work the same as Acrobat Pro but I created the mst file and zipped everything up, used configure manually. The only command I had to use was setup.exe but if more are needed the entire string might work.
Answered 03/27/2012 by: ckubaska
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  • I wanted to upload it all and zip it etc but the file size exceeds the 2GB min.
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Answered 03/29/2012 by: dugullett
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  • HI there i wanted to see your link but go this:

    Play back is not available for your computer's operating system. For information about system requirements, please refer to the service support FAQ.
    "Click Close"
  • Yeah sorry... that was pre-coffee. That's why I voted it down. I don't guess there's a way to remove answers?

    Chris Blake did a webex training on 3/22/11 that helped me out with this. It helped me out.

  • Thank you ill see if i can find that!
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