hi guys i am not sure if this website supports none Kace questions but i though i would ask as i am a little puzzled ok so i needed to install this software program the user does not have the rights to install it so i needed to install it on my account which is admin account and once i finished i get them to log back on and run the program when i run it it works on my account but when the account of the user is used it does not work it just says the application has stopped working. everything is pushed by AD with regards to security settings and user Privileges. i tried getting individuals on other accounts that use the program that run ont heir accounts to try login and run the machine but no luck it is still crashing. any suggestions would be very great thanks guys


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  • First step is to identify if you missed giving permissions on files/folders/registry somewhere. Or it could be that the application is looking for files and folders that cannot be found and could be located on user's profile. It can also be a compatibility issue. Either way, you have plenty of tools for finding out.
  • most likely you need to give domain users rights to the directory you installed it in so they can write some working files. If that does not solve it look to see what open files you have and where they are on the drive and give the users rights to that spot. One thing to try is also make a user a temporary admin on the machine and see if it works. If it does it is a rights problem, if it does not it most likely they do not have some needed files in their profile that you have.
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