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I want to do a silent installation of Siemens JT2Go 10.1.3, and I am nearly at the end, to finish this installation i need to know how to exclude the last "Ok-Prompt" which only sais "Installation completed sucessfully".

This are my additional parameters for the installation:
"Path_of_my_exe.exe" /s /v"/qn+ AGREE_TO_JT2GO_LICENSE=YES JTO=1 ALLUSERS=2"

I am trying to install over the DELL k1000 Management Appliance.

Hope someone can help me!
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Your issue is the '+' with the '/qn' switch - the plus tells it to show a prompt when the installation ends.
Change it from:

As an aside, it would appear that your installer is an .exe that is extracting and running an MSI file in the background. You could extract the MSI and create a transform (.MST) file to hold the public properties (those in capital letters) and make for a neater installation.

The 'ALLUSERS=2' property means that you are installer in a per-user context, and not per-machine - is that the right setting for your environment?

Hope that helps,

Answered 04/15/2015 by: dunnpy
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  • Thanks a lot for the information I'm testing it righ now, so I will give you feedback later on. And no its not meant to be in a per-user context, it should be installed for everyone on this machine, I thought that's what the ALLUSERS=2 is doing, am I wrong?
    • ALLUSERS=1 is per-machine
      • Thanks a lot four your help!! It works perfectly.
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