I am currently unable to get MSIs requiring user intervention to start.

I have zipped the MSI packages along with a batch file that I am using to run each in turn, put into the system and have a managed install setup.

Other operations in the zip complete but the MSI do not pop onto the screen. How can I pop the installs?

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  • Which program? MSI? is the MSI set to run silently?
    how does it react running from a machine locally? Does it prompt?

    How are you setting it up? scripted install? using a batch file with what parameters?
    I have never needed a batch file to run a MSI (why I am curious)
  • What switches are you using with MSIEXEC? If using /QN, it'll be a silent install. /QB- or /QB! will give you a dialog box showing activity, one with a Cancel button and the other without the button.
  • Are you running the install via Kace or some other deployment system? Is the operating system Windows 7? Bear in mind that the service based deployment systems run in an entirely different session to the user accounts on Win 7 and later, and consequently there is NO interaction with the desktop. It is a security feature.
  • To make things simple I have put the MSIs on KACE it's self. My colleague had dialog boxes popping for installs by running /i only. Thanks for the suggestions.
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