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We are trying to deploy UE-V to workstations, some with Sync Center enabled and some without. Since the installation switches are specific for clients without Sync Center enabled, I would like to know if anyone could point me to some code for me to add some logic to the installation.


Query computer for active process or service, install using /switch if service is not present, install without switch if service is present.


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I think it would be better to build "Software Smart Labels" that check if the service is present, have it automatically flag the machine, and then do two separate installations: one for without service using the parameters you need while the computers with the servers get the basic install. 

The Software Smart Label wizard helps, just put in the title "Sync Center" and it'll automatically label those.  You can alternatively do a "NOT LIKE" for the other end of the spectrum.

Finally, you do a managed installation, put in the command line and parameters and link it to the smart label, and voila.

Answered 12/17/2012 by: gcarpenter
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