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When I try to push out the KACE agent via GPO I am running into the problem that it doesn't install until after the computer has restarted or the user has logged off and then back on.

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Update: Actually it appears that it didn't install the update on other machines. Only on my test laptop and when I un-installed and tried to force the gpupdate /force again it didn't load even on restart..

Answered 01/11/2013 by: stephen42086
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Ok, more clearification.

We have gotten the GPO to apply both as a user and machine policy but at best it installs on login and at worse (win7 machine policy) we have to reboot the machine to get the policy to install. Is there now way to install this directly and silently with GPO? Must all machines at least cycle their login to get it to install?

Policy results,

With machine policy it will install on xp when the user loggs off and back on. On a windows 7 box the user must restart for the settings to take effect.

With user policy not set to install on logon it doesn't seem to install on either system.

With user policy set to install on login it will install when either computer user logs of then back on.


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Answered 01/24/2013 by: stephen42086
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  • Well I ended up writing an autohotkey script that uses psexec to do the deployments. Not my favorite (although it was fun to write) but it does the trick.