I did the Google Chrome 65.x update on all my machines, but for some reason old versions of the software inventory are still showing.
Anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

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  • FWIW I also see what I consider a lot of "false positives" from Software Catalog. I know SC is very aggressive in its detection of programs, so my guess would be that there's still some reg entry or cruft in Program Files that makes SC think certain programs are installed when they are not.
    • I find it weird that happens with other software as well. Thanks for message,
  • i also found multiple lines for the same exact executable in several cases. wounder if its the same reason.
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When you ran the updates , maybe some machines were not online.

You might have to run it again several time to catch all the machines.

Or you could run it as a script that runs on a schedule using a label that

 lists all machines not having the updated chrome version. 

Answered 04/19/2018 by: akmagnum
Red Belt

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This usually happens when a particular software keeps copies of old version after upgrade. Check if you have multiple copies of chrome.exe on the HDD
Answered 05/10/2018 by: AbhayR
Ninth Degree Black Belt

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