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In a KScript, to what does "Directory" refer?

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When developing a KScript, if the "Launch a program..." option is chosen, one of the fields is "Directory:".

Is that the directory where the "File:" is to be found? Or is it the directory to which the processor should change into before running the "File:"?


Directory: /tmp

File: hdiutil

Does the system first do a "cd /tmp" followed by a run of "hdiutil", searching for the file via the PATH environment variable, as in:

/root # cd /tmp

/tmp # hdiutil

Or, does the system simply try to run "/tmp/hdiutil", as in:

/root # /tmp/hdiutil



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The Directory refers to the location of the program you want to run, this is correct.
By default you will have a script or similar attached to the script and want to run this, so the directory will be $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) which is /var/quest/kace/kbots_cache/packages/kbots/XX for instance.

Answered 03/08/2019 by: Nico_K
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