I tried out and have working (for the most part) the example for importing tickets from another system given at:

The issue I am having is with the CSV file example given in the example above:

In the example CSV file they give a comment example:

This is line 1
This is line 2 (notice how there is still only ONE row in the CSV)
This is a list separated by commas: 1,2,3,4

They are correct that in the CSV file it does look all like one row.  The question is how do they get the text that can have multiple paragraphs in the old system to come in with their line breaks and how do I deal with quoted text like a users sending me an error they see - (Hey IT, my error is "Error 123: See IT and get this fixed")

I am going to use MS Access to export data from a SQL Lite db into the CSV file.


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I don't know if this will help with your problem, but here is this:  (THE FAQ is outdated as the comment field, the way it is written, doesn't transfer over at all.)




Basically I just placed everything 'quoted' in the COMMENT_LOC data cell, and using excel to build the csv file.  the formatting within the data call can be however you like it to be.


on monday I will upload an example of our import CSV in 'final form'

Answered 09/15/2013 by: Wildwolfay
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Here is the table from my excel document since I cannot just attach it to the comment:  (you should be able to drag this into excel and make sure you save as CSV




Name ID Title Priority Impact Status Category Modified Created Owner (kbox username) Submitter (kbox username) CC_List (comma separated emails) CUSTOM0 (custom1 in the UI) CUSTOM1 (custom2 in the UI) CUSTOM2 (custom3 in the UI) CUSTOM3 (custom4 in the UI) CUSTOM4 (custom5 in the UI) CUSTOM5 (custom6 in the UI) CUSTOM6 (custom7 in the UI) CUSTOM7 (custom8 in the UI) CUSTOM8 (custom9 in the UI) CUSTOM9 (custom10 in the UI) CUSTOM10 (custom11 in the UI) CUSTOM11 (custom12 in the UI) CUSTOM12 (custom13 in the UI) CUSTOM13 (custom14 in the UI) CUSTOM14 (custom15 in the UI) DUE_DATE TIME_OPENED (time it was last put in opened state) TIME_CLOSED (time it was last put in closed state) TIME_STALLED (time it was last put in stalled stat MACHINE_ID (put in PC's host name from inventory) RESOLUTION Queue (Helpdesk Queue Name where the ticket goes) Comment History (all comments in one field)
My First imported Ticket 25001 Don't break Kace, Please. Medium 1 person inconvenienced Closed Other ######## 7/8/2013 OWNER.USERNAME SUBMITTER.USERNAME EMAIL@ADDRESS.COM                                       OLD TICKET QUEUE This is line 1
This is line 2  (notice how there is still only ONE row in the CSV)
This is a list separated by commas: 1,2,3,4
Answered 09/16/2013 by: Wildwolfay
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  • well that worked out TERRIBLE but I think you get the idea? I hope :(
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