I have been building my agency's IT inventory using Excel and then converting to .csv for import into KACE. It works quite well, unless I try to import fields with other associated assets. In my .csv I have headers for asset tag, model, etc as well as monitor and user. It seems like the asset import function is designed to create relationships between these fields in the computer sheet and the monitor and user sheets respectively. However, when uploading, any asset that has a user or monitor field is rejected as a duplicate, even if I completely delete all existing computer assets before import.

I have searched for answers on this issue here and using Google but have not come up with anything. Can you point me in the right direction?
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  • Hello, I have the same issue.

    I'v been tasked to Clean up all our assets database. To ease the process I thought that I could export one asset type, delete all entry, modify it in excel, and Import it back afterwards.

    It works, but I'm facing the same issue, if the "user" field is used, all entries are rejected as duplicates, .

    It seems that the Import only allow to create fields, it tries to create a new user instead of linking the asset to the existing one...

    Any idea on how we could workaround that ?
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