Prior to upgrading, I used to be able to go to regedit and remove the 2 keys below and capture the image. It worked but now we upgraded last week from 6.4 to 7.1 and I don't see the keys below. Can I still have Kace installed or do I need to create a script to install kace silently after image is deployed?

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Capturing Images with the KACE agent installed is a bad practice.

Please deploy the K1000 Agent via Post install task.

The K2000 has a built in Script to achieve this for a good reason.
(Library > Post Installation tasks > Choose Action > Add K1000 (sma) Agent Installer)
Answered 12/12/2017 by: Channeler
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  • Hi Channeler, We don't have K2000. I'm trying to install Kace with a simple script and it's not working.

    I have a local folder setup under C:\support this is where I plan to put the agent and the script to install the agent. I'm using

    start /wait msiexec.exe /i c:\support\ampagent-7.1.62-x86_companyname.com.msi /qn
    and it does not work. I tried /qb and that works but it I have hit yes to a popup which I don't want. Any idea what kace uses for quiet and no interaction?
    • You will need to add the hostname as well, otherwise the wizard will popup asking you type one.


      msiexec /i ampagent-5.5.25198-x86.msi HOST=your.kace.server.com /qn

      I can see you have it on the MSI name, but I always used this method for silent and unattended installs, try it and let me know how it goes
      • So I run this as a bat file and it doesn't install. Could it be because I have UAC enabled? I even tried running as an administrator and still, batch file runs and quickly disappears. It's a windows 7 64-bit machine and I'm installing this a local admin. Machine is not on the domain yet.
    • You can also have your script to install the agent run this command to make sure that the host is set properly:
      "c:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE\AMPTools" set host=kace.dickinson.edu
      • Chuck, Would you know why can't I get the script to work? this is what my script is
        msiexec /i ampagent-7.1.62-x86.msi HOST=ourdomain.com /qn
        When I run the batch file, it runs and quickly disappears and doesn't install. If I remove the /qn it does run but of course I have to manually install it at that point. If I do /qb it asks me just for yes or no UAC window at which point, it install but /qn is not working..
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Using local admin account I wasn't able to install this via batch script.
msiexec /i ampagent-5.5.25198-x86.msi HOST=your.kace.server.com /qn

However when I use the batch script to runonce via regedit, it install on first logon which is what I wanted so that works.
Answered 12/13/2017 by: sam240
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