Ok, so I figured out how to use IEAK 10 (Barely) and want to deploy it via K1000 Managed Install.  Ive looked around a bit including KKE's, itninja and google.  I'm looking for simplified skinny, if that's possible, on how to set it up as a managed install.

I can install the new package manually by executing the installer file I made with IEAK 10.

Be gentle, this will be my first Managed Install.  I inventoried the software from a test machine, I've created the MI, and associated the install file "IE10-Setup-Full.msi" from FLAT\AMD64_WIN7\EN-US dir,  and using default install settings in the MI detail page, it just adds a /I in the parameters.  I added a test machine, but no go.  I would like to do this as silent as possible on our Win7_Pro_x64 machines.  Any help is always appreciated and I have very, very little cmd / scripting experience and have read so much my eyes are glazed.

Update:  So IE10-Setup-Full.msi /qn REEBOOT=ReallySuppress does not work as MI.  Tried msiexec /i So IE10-Setup-Full.msi /qn and no go. The Kace window opens and prompts the user but application does not run.  I redid the configuration without selecting unattend options within IEAK and still nothing.

Even when I setup package with unattend settings with IEAK, manual install does not work as well.

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  • Update: I have created the MI, saved it but no machines populated at the bottom of page under Managed Installation Tasks. I have it set to install anytime and entered one test device to receive it which is online.
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Did you checked the software deployment tips on this site?
Answered 03/17/2015 by: aragorn.2003
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  • All my searching for IE 10 did not show this page, thank you very much! Looks like I will need to spend some more time on itninja and how to navigate and search lol.
  • Ok, so I found that I did not have the correct OS architecture's selected. I fixed that and the machine shows up at the bottom of the MI page. I modified the install cmd line to: IE10-Setup-Full.msi /qn REEBOOT=ReallySuppress
    It seems to run according to Machine inventory but does not actually install.
    I have no idea about how to add the prerequisite patches, if that is even the reason for the install failure.
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