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Ideas to check for running service description and apply to label

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We are currently uninstalling dell's Dell Data Protection | Encryption software from our machines.

After uninstalling a service is created called 


Depending on which stage of the decryption a computer is in, this service will have a description of   [decrypt on reboot]   [complete] (needs a reboot to finish) or [decrypt sweep] (currently running)

I would like to setup a label that I can apply to an alert to tell the users to reboot their computers to continue the removal process.

There are a few ways I think I can do this.  1 create a custom inventory object that checks the status of this service.  2. use the services section of the k1000 to apply the machines to a label.

I have no idea how to do either which is why I ask for your help in pointing me in the right direction.

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Service description info is kept in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\[ServiceName] - Description 

Perhaps you could create a smartlabel that targets systems which have the cmgdecryptagent service present with a reoccurring script? (I would also add criteria for Dell Data Protection software object to the label depending upon your inventory frequency) 

Script workflow would look something like.

- Verify

Does the service description equal complete or decrypt on reboot?

- Success

Create notification window prompting the user to reboot OR create a notification and schedule a reboot to occur in X seconds/minutes/hours.

I'm not sure about using a CIR in this case as it's not necessarily information that would be useful in the future.

Answered 10/03/2019 by: Kiyolaka
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