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I want to reduce the number of catagories in our queue.  I know it can be done but I just can't remember.  Any help would be appriciated.

Existing categories
Mobile Devices::Aircard::How Do I?
Mobile Devices::Cellphone::How Do I?
Mobile Devices::MiFi Hotspot::How Do I?
Want to combine the above with this one.
Mobile Devices::How Do I?
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You cannot delete any category from a queue where it is used by even one ticket.  With that in mind, you can either create the new category or rename one of the existing categories to the new category name.  Then you will need to change any tickets that use the unwanted categories to the new/renamed category.  This can be either manual (ticket by ticket, if there aren't many) or with a ticket rule to update the appropriate tickets.  Once all tickets are dissociated from the unwanted categories, you should be able to delete them.

You may want to temporarily disable any emails on changes as these updates could trigger emails to submitters, owners, etc.

Answered 07/11/2013 by: grayematter
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  • Thanks for responding. I used ticket rules to move data from one category to another and then removed the empty category. A bit of work but after a year of use, we are ready to pare down number of categories to match what we actually need/want to capture. thanks again for your help.