I have Organizations set up and currently three are included. What I don't want however are the users split up. We have decided to contain them all in the default Organization. When the users log in, they are presented with a username field and a password field. They also have a drop-down selection for an organization. I do not want my users to have this option. I've looked for a way to remove it and this is all I have found.

 "By enabling the Login Organization Drop-down, the empty 'Organization:' field on the Welcome login page will be replaced with a drop-down of configured organizations. Note, that the organization field or drop-down only appears if more than one organization is configured."

This is what happens if I select the checkbox and enable it. What I would like to do is remove it as an option, or maybe at a minimum change the font color to white so the users don't see it. :-)  

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  • System > Settings > General Settings > Require organization selection at login

    In your system is that enabled or disabled?
    If Require Organization selection at login is disabled your users should not see the organization drop down at login.
    • I don't have a Require Organization selection. I'm running 5.5.90547
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