We use K2000 (Version: 3.7.120251), which I am not all that experienced in. It seems more often than not, that our Win 10 images are stalling in a usable, but incomplete install of Windows 10 Ent. I would like to implement a dialog that displays when the deployment is complete, and show if there were any errors during the process. I really appreciate any feedback anyone can provide, thanks!
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  • Check your deployment options. There should be an option to force continue on errors. If that is enabled turn it off and the deployment will sit at the error and you can debug what is causing the problem.
  • Thanks! I'll have to do some digging to see what the issue is. The thing is, it only seems to happen on every third machine or so that is imaged.
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I think you should use this space cat as the wallpaper as its building.

Then change it back to normal when it's completed.
Answered 07/20/2016 by: rileyz
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Alright, here is what I ended up doing.

I created a pop-up in Powershell ISE (Image_Complete.Ps1)


[Windows.Forms.MessageBox]::Show(“Image Deployment Complete”, “Attention”, [Windows.Forms.MessageBoxButtons]::OK, [Windows.Forms.MessageBoxIcon]::Information)

Then uploaded it into a post install task in K2000 as an application w/ these parameters.

%systemdrive%\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell -nologo -executionpolicy bypass -noprofile -file Image_Complete.ps1

I added it as the last task, but KACE adds three tasks after the fact. Once you click "Okay" the system restarts and it's good to go. Hope this can help others, at least to run PowerShell Scripts in K2000.

Answered 07/22/2016 by: HillbillyMedic
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