I have a preinstallation task that creates a single partition and formats as ntfs...

select disk 0
create partition primary
select partition 1

Postinstall task: WIM - Win7 Automatic MBR which calls the following

@echo off

IF /I "%~1" EQU "/DEBUG" (
 SET SWITCH=/debug
) else (
 set "SWITCH"=""

 set "TAG=_x64"
) ELSE (
 set "TAG="

start /wait auto_bcd%TAG%.exe %SWITCH%

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong

K2000 3.4

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here are the tasks I use for either 32 or 64 bit

Answered 01/09/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • Do you need to have the preinstallation task: Install Vista/2008/7 MBR
    • no, that is for xp, just diskpart and format
  • I use the same. I would also make sure that when you are capturing the image that you are capturing the volume with the data, and not the 100 MB partition.
  • If you have not added the the KACE Native Imaging Toolkit for K2000 v. 3.4 you need to do that, it gives you those tasks already created and sample deployment templates
  • I have it installed, i'm trying your MBR post task now. I know the WIM works caused we've used it to deploy on our WDS server
  • since you are using wims you may also want to look at this blog if you have not already
  • I got the following error message when it ran the new mbr
    "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. The system cannot find the file specified"
    • Was this wim captured from a dual or single partition master?

      Do not reboot after casting and go to main menu and choose recovery then command prompt. Go to drive c: then cd\boot and do you see a file called bcd

      you can also run diskpart from there and select disk 0 and list partitions to see if you may have a phantom partition in the wim that gets cast down.
    • Are you using the template provided by the native imaging kit and just placing your wim in it or creating a new deployment? The templates set that stuff up so the wim will deploy without this problem.

      The deployment should have had a name like
      Win7 x64 Place Holder Image [Template]
      just duplicate it and place your wim task in between the temp file removal and wim mbr task
      If you do not have the templates I can export mine and email those so you can import them
  • It was captured from a single partition. I don't see a folder on the c: called boot
  • That's what I had. I didn't capture the WIM from kace I copied it into the image store from our WDS server
    • It should not matter how you captured it but the template has the bcd store in it.
      You can load your wim file on a tech station using imagex and look to see if that file is there in your wim or not.
  • diskpart only shows
    one parition
    • sounds like your wim capture did not pick up the hidden system folder boot
      • if you can put the wim file in a directory with imagex and create a dir under that called temp you can check your wim for that file
        open a command window and use the command below
        imagex /mount yourfile.wim 1 .\temp
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Answered 01/10/2013 by: mnutbrown
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  • I got the same result
    • That is the problem the wim file does not contain the bcd store or root loader files, you need to have the boot directory and root files in the wim file. I have never had to do this but it should work to fix this wim file. Probably came from a dual partition machine.

      find a machine with single partition, same os version.
      either boot that machine with a boot stick or slave the HDD into another machine and copy the boot directory and loader files at the root.
      mount the image read/write
      imagex /mountrw yourfile.wim 1 .\temp
      copy the boot dir and files to the root of the wim file and commit the changes and reseal
      imagex /commit .\temp
      imagex /unmount .\temp

      if that does not work you will have to use a win boot disk and repair, resysprep and recapture.
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We had this issue about a year ago, but it has slipped my mind what we ended up doing to correct it. I will try to think back. 

Answered 01/11/2013 by: Memphis University School
Yellow Belt

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