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I have a Managed Install for Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10. Before running this KES will install, Malwarebytes and MS Forefront must be removed. I have an uninstall script written for each.

Currently my process is:

  1. Run MWB uninstall script sometime in advance
  2. Schedule Forefront uninstall script
  3. Schedule KES MI one hour after step 2

But there is a big problem.. if a PC is offline when either of the scripts run, they don't get MWB or FF uninstalled, but KACE will push the MI if the PC checks in, which causes a bunch of trouble.

How can should I do this? Can a script launch the MI? Can the MI launch a script? Can one script do everything?


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do it as a managed install.  I had to uninstall affixa prior to google apps install.

I created a custom software item that looks for a txt file I placed in the googleapps install.  So if that file is missing it installs the app

Get all your files needed in a zip file, create a batch file to do the uninstall and install, use start /wait to keep steps running in order, add that to the batch file.

Answered 12/04/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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you can create bat or vb script to uninstall as well as install KES.

you have script allready to uninstall the product. in the same script you can invoke install script. but you mentioned it required 1 hour pause.for this we can implement loop if is there any process running (wait unitll process kill). else put pause 1 hour.


Answered 12/05/2013 by: vjay
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