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I have changed the Upgrade code for minor upgrade

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In minor upgrade 
1. Added new feature and added the file in that feature
2. changed the product version & package code 
3. I have set Re install mode 
4. After that some changes made from development. I will take one more build i have added some files also, when we added new files is not installing the feature
5. some time the feature fails while installing first time then we try to install one more time it's installed.
6. So i changed the upgrade code it's working....
So i planed to change upgrade code for minor upgrade .is it right or wrong..?

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  • Heard of Google?


    The salient paragraph is:
    The UpgradeCode property in this column specifies the upgrade code <u>of all products</u> that are to be detected by the FindRelatedProducts action.
  • TOTALLY wrong. Upgrade code should remain consistent throughout the family of related product releases.

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Then How do I solve my problem...

1. Minor upgrade I have added some files It's not copying properly.

Do you have any idea ..?

and also I Unable to remove the files properly while uninstalling. 

Answered 12/04/2014 by: perumaldass
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MInor Upgrade Files Not overwriting In Some Scenarios. It's big headache for me 

Can anyone suggest on this...

Answered 12/04/2014 by: perumaldass
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  • I always go for a major upgrade (ProductCode and Version), guess this dosent help you but I would think about this approach. Are files versioned that you are updating? You could set the file version so it always overwrites (v255.255.255 something like that - google it). Have you keypath'd the file?

    Edt is correct, you need to look at the verbose logs to see whats going on, its your best bet.

    Also the UpgradeCode should not be changed.
    • hi rileyz I have changed the file version that;s not a issue.
      1. when I take small update I will not change product version I will add new files in existing features then change the package code & I make a build.
      2. when I try to install that build it's not happening file copying action.
      3. then once again I tried it's working. I dnt knw how to solve this issue...
    • Have you looked into the verbose logs yet? It will tell you exactly why its not getting updated.
      • Hi Rileyz, I'm Using Basic MSI.In Basic MSI We can't create Verbose log Right...?
    • Right sounds like your new to this whole packaging thing. Mentioned that at the start of the question, then its easier for us (: People will still help if your a noob.

      if you install the msi via command line with logging... it will produce the log (lol)

      msiexec /i <nameof.msi> /qb /l*vx c:\whereyouwantlogfile.log
      *The switch is /L*VX just to be clear, run the cmd as admin!

      After you have the log, open it up in your fav notepad viewer, recommended notepad++, and look for the file you are trying to update - it will tell you why its not being update. From here you should be able to fix it.

      Logging is critical, it will help you out a lot when s* goes wrong.
      • msiexec.exe /i c:\Users\pmayandi\Desktop\\SN_SP_12.7.3.0_Test.exe /L*vx c:\your.log...
        I used above cmd but it's showing error msg..I'm using Setup.exe file ..This command Only for MSI OR we can Use for exe file also..?
      • setup.exe /v"/l*v \"c:\My Log Files\test.log\""
        I have used this command & I have created the log file..
        But it looks same log file It will create automatic log in app data \\temp
        it looks the same log file
    • you msi is wrapped up in a .exe. You need to get the MSI itself to use the msiexec cmd. What authoring tool are you using?

      Is the MSI/exe a vendor made installer, or yours??
      • It's Made by myself. I'm Using installshield 2012
      • 1. Actually MY Base package V1.0.0. - which size is 3 GB
        2. Minor Package release V1.1.0.- which size is 600 MB we have reduced the file size (based on the request from management).Only Updated files other files I have removed
        3. Hotfix V1.1.1 - 50 MB I have removed old dll's and exe's from the existing features.and I have create a new feature and I put the latest files and I make a build it was working. then again some updates came without changing product code & version I add some files and Made a build file not copying first time then once again I tried it's working......
        Note : Every build I cant change product version Bez It's management decided
    • Go Build > Release Wiazard.

      Edit the Product Configuration 1, ie dont make a new one. Follow your nose, at the one point it will Say media type, select network image. and after that "uncompressed" - that will give you the msi.
      • HI Rileyz It's Working.But I Thing I have to explore what are thing I want check...I"ll explore it thanks
      • Existing feature I Have deleted the file is it right or wrong....?
        2. V 1.1.0 Minor update I'm adding new feature and deleting Existing feature files only not folders& Components. And I Given Dynamic link for Un Versioned files
        3.And Same Product version I "ll take min 10 Builds based on the bug fixing sometime new dll exe i'll add in the existing feature..What I'm Doing this is right or wrong...?
        4. If anything wrong please let me know it would be a big help for me...
    • http://helpnet.installshield.com/installshield18helplib/MajorMinorSmall.htm **I dont really understand what you are trying to achieve, if your messing around with features, its a major upgrade. **anyway, i always use a major upgrade as it makes life easier for me. If your just updating files in a feature tree -> component, then just update those files and ensure that they are a greater version than those installed. Remember, 1 file per component is the general rule - installshield does a pretty good job of setting this up. If you have config thats needs updating then break that out from AllOtherFiles into its own component. If your that worried about the files not being installed you can always move the RemoveExistingProducts higher in the InstallExec sequence - this will remove the installed product before installing the updated product. ***BUT*** to be honest, this is advance stuff and I dont think you are ready for this, you need someone that knows Packaging, thats with your in person to explain it for your problem. People on here can only help so much, in your case I think someone needs to see your problem to help (or for you have a better basic understanding of Windows Installer technology (Packaging). Good luck, thats it from me, i need to work on my real job! (:
      • OK Rileyz I cannot use major upgrade..major upgrade will remove existing release right...?
        I don't want remove existing release files.I have given prevoious release with 100 Dll files
        after that i"m releasing next update only 10 dll file's while installing 10 dll files it will
        remove 100 dll's right..?Then my software will not work.

        I have 3.5 years Exp in installshiled.But in Minor upgrade I have not done I'm new for minor upgrade
So what have you done to try and diagnose the problem?  Have you compared verbose installation logs between a working situation and a failed install?  Or do all your installs fail?

How do you create the minor upgrades? Clearly you are doing something wrong but it is difficult to just guess at what that is, when you provide no information on what you have done.  For example, if recompiling, are you synchronising GUIDS for unchanged components?
Answered 12/05/2014 by: EdT
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In your explanation above, you didn't change the product code, so it would just do a repair of the already installed (& cached) MSI, ie with out your new feature.

If you  are changing the version of the MSI, change the packagecode and productcode.
leave the UpgradeCode as it is.

In the upgrade table, make sure it removes prev versions.

I have to do this a lot when customers want to add a file to a vendor MSI, then change the file, its the same version of the MSI, so I just use the upgrade table to always remove...

Answered 12/06/2014 by: Badger
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