Note: I know that I need to make use of script. But, I don't have any knowledge on scripting. Please help me with the script or any other option to do this.

I have an msi and 3 folders with 3 xml files in each folder.

Here below are the install instruction,

1.       Uninstall Hercules version 1.47.008, 1.46.013, or 1.45.003

2.       Run InstallHercules1.49.003

3.       Take defaults until program finishes installing

4.       Do not tell program to launch after install finishes

5.       Ensure that the folders Config, Data, Resources under C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\Deloitte\HERCules allow all users read/modify/write privileges

6.       Copy GeoXImport.xml from GeoXHouston folder to C:\Program Files or Program Files (x86)\Deloitte\HERCules\Config if computer site code is “HOU”

7.       If site code is LOS/STV/COP copy GeoXImport.xml from GeoXLondon folder

8.       If site code is PER/JAK/KUL copy GeoXImport.xml from GeoXPerth folder

9.       If site code doesn’t match above variables ignore steps 6-8 

Please let me know How to do this.

Thanks in advance.


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This won't be the best solution, I'm sure, but here's something off the top of my head:

If you have a software entry setup for each one of your location XML files (so a custom software entry for GeoXConfig Perth with the custom inventory field set to FileExists(C:\Program Files (x86)\Deloitte\HERCules\Config\GeoXImport.xml OR FileExists(C:\Program Files\Deloitte\HERCules\Config\GeoXImport.xml) ), the attached install package can be your geoximport.xml from your GeoPerth folder along with a batch file that copies it to both locations)

Then create a Managed install for each site

then you can deploy your configuration by smart label

Something like:

Software title contains Hercules


ComputerName Begins with PER


Software titles Does Not Contain GeoXConfig%

Label Name: Needs GeoXConfig Perth


Tie that smart label to the MI package you created earlier and technically any machine in perth, with the hercules software installed WITHOUT the config file in place would pull down the GeoXConfig Perth MI task (and subsequently get the right config file, dropping it out of the label on the next inventory)


I do some similar, but decidely less complex MI tasks for a few of my applications that require manual configuration files, however mine don't need to be sorted by location


Answered 03/26/2013 by: Asevera
Blue Belt

  • Totally Confused, Asevera. Could you please let me know a bit clear. Thank you.
    • It's a bit convoluted, like I said it was just off the top of my head based on some managed installs I have setup.

      The whole thing I have there doesn't do any of your hercules removal, or the new installation. It assumes you already have the new version installed on the machines. It's solely concerned with identifying machines without the configuration file you specify, and pushing it out (to machines identified by a smart label) via Managed install package.

      I'm no scripting wizard either, so that was just how I figured I'd do it in your situation.
  • You have also, I think, assumed that the OP is using a Kace box for deployment which I very much doubt is the case! :-)
    • entirely possible. Well, so long as I made someones day a bit more confusing, I suppose my work here is done :)
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Answered 03/26/2013 by: jaybee96
Red Belt

  • 1. Populate the Upgrade table ( and Property table) to uninstall older versions prior to installing this msi
    2. Install is already started ;--)
    3. with silent switch or with transform ( created with AdminStudio?)
    4. open MSI with Transform and adjust that last action NOT to run
    5. you can use the Installshield handling for setting permissions .. works fine!
    6+7+8+9 . create custom action that will check the System Variable's value and use this in a PROPERTY for conditions on the components with the conditionalized info.
  • All of the above in 1 TRANSFORM or create multiple transforms based on location ?
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I have just done a similar thing recently... Here is how to deal with it:

1. Create an MST and customize it according to your requirements and standards.

2. Add the previous versions on Upgrade table

3. Add Custom Actions for folder permissions using setacle.exe or any other tools you want under C:\Program Files\Deloitte\HERCules (I am sure your app is 32 bit so in 64-bit machine, it will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Deloitte\HERCules).

4. Create a separate script that can be a vbscript or en executable that will read the site id (I supposed this is based on your ComputerName) and search for those strings that you wanted and then copy the required GeoXImport.xml.

5. Put the script in steps number 4 as Custom Action.

6. Voila! You're done!

Answered 03/26/2013 by: dj_xest
Fifth Degree Black Belt

  • voila
    • jaybee96 will throw some shuriken on you if you still can't work on it.. ;-)
  • >Create a separate script
    Ha, ha, ha! You haven't yet grasped the OP's modus operandi, have you? Ha, ha, ha! He would very much like you - or anybody, thank you - to do that work for him! As you know, we're all more than happy to do other people's work for them for no reward! Ha, ha, ha!
    • yeah, I know... This is like giving an unconditional love for helping without expecting anything in return.. Well, let's hope he would be a better packager in the coming days of his life.. ;-)
  • I need help in script, please help me with the script of how to find the site code and then it should copy. Please help me with the script.
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Where is the site code that you are talking about?  Is it in the computer name or defined elsewhere?

Answered 03/27/2013 by: M P
Purple Belt

  • Yes, it's computer name first 3 letters. MP
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