its an msi file that am trying to upload. Any command string i try to use and a windows installed pops up. i have tried a few command lines but none of them works.

can i get some help with this please.

also i noticed any command line i put the /i gets added at the end. even though i try to remove it and save the managed installation it comes back.

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  • Ok, so as in Jumpstart training let me take you back through the basics and best practice

    Have you tested the msi file manually (before uploading)
    Have you tested the command line to install?
  • Hi, thank you for the reply.

    yes the MSI file works as i have tried to install it manually on my machine.

    the command line i am using is
    msiexec kCura.WinEDDS64.Setup.msi /i
    msiexec /qn kCura.WinEDDS64.Setup.msi /i

    i have seen a few blogs and also have a few managed software's that have an msi and i have used the same command line. they work.

    i quite cannot understand whta's the deal with this one
    • The /i should be before the msi filename.

      msiexec /i kCura.WinEDDS64.Setup.msi /qn
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