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I am EXTREMELY ignorant/uninformed when it comes to all of this. I am wondering if I can turn a captured Win 10 UEFI image into an .iso, and if so, how.

09/03/2019 265 views

My office bought a small Intel PC Stick. I am unable to get USB imaging to work. Pretty sure I did the usb imaging setup correctly since I can get it to work on a standard desktop.

I am able to image the stick using a DVD via external usb dvd drive, which got me thinking, is there a way to burn a captured image onto a DVD as an ISO? (or maybe a bootable usb stick with an ISO on it? Is that even a thing?)

Hope that makes sense. Please forgive me, if you start using a lot of technician jargon... there's a good chance I won't be able to follow, but I'll do my very best.

I greatly appreciate any help you might be able to give me.

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  • I would troubleshoot why is not working.

    Start with the error message + Google.

    Are you installing in Legacy Mode? (NTFS), maybe this device only handles UEFI?

    What's the error message?

    What tool was used to pack this into a USB drive?
  • I am attempting a UEFI install. I don't get an error message, after selecting the correct USB device and choosing the right boot environment, the screen just stays black.
    I attempted to find a solution, but was unsuccessful.
  • I think you probably have OEM license for windows. Not sure if it's legal to do it this way with that type of license

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