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I have 3  guids to uninstall for one package hp loadrunner. How do I write script for 3 guids

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can anyone suggest good tutorial to learn powershell commands and also practice 

Answered 08/09/2019 by: ldhema
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  • I can recommend the book: learn powershell in a month of lunches
    Also check the following links:




    (It is version 3 but has a lot of useful information )

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Is there a reason you want to use PowerShell here?  I am a big fan of WMIC commands.  They are simple and can work in a batch file easily.  If you have the GUID it would be a simple command like this replacing the GUID but leaving the brackets :

wmic product where identifyingnumber={guid} call uninstall /nointeractive

But if you want to install all products that have a similar name (like java might have 5 versions of Java 8 on a machine), you could use a command like this to remove all programs that start with "java 8"

wmic product where "name like 'Java 8%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

Hope that helps!

Answered 08/09/2019 by: jamie_kace
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  • There is no reason to use powershell. I did write it in batch file but was curious how to do in powershell. Just for learning.. Thanks for your response . I will dig into wmic