The GoToMeeting IT installer installs right on top of the old version, leaving multiple entries in the Programs list and in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\GoToMeeting.

Does anyone know a way to cleanly deploy the latest version? I'm using KACE.
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I don't really know KACE, but I'm sure it has the same function as every softwaredeploy service.
So when u create a new package and give the parameters for installing,
u should check at this point if the uninstall path of the older version exists and if yes,
it should start the delete of this.

Maybe u read a bit deeper into the KACE service, but I'm quiet sure it's not the solution to install parallely ;)

Answered 07/24/2014 by: Hannibal226
White Belt

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had a similar issue recently.
I used this .vbs to uninstall all old versions:
On Error Resume Next 
Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002 
strComputer = "." 
Set WshShell = CreateObject("wscript.Shell") 
Set oReg=GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" &_ 
strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv") 
strKeyPath = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" 
oReg.EnumKey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, strKeyPath, arrSubKeys 
For Each subkey In arrSubKeys 
   strDisplayName = WshShell.RegRead ("HKLM\" & strKeyPath & "\" & subkey & "\DisplayName") 
   If  strDisplayName = "GoToMeeting" Then 
    WshShell.Run "msiexec.exe /norestart /X " & SubKey & " /qn", 7, True 
   End If 
create for software, which is needing this handling a script.
1. run this vbs
2. run the correct msi
roll it out via scripting or managed installs depending on your preferences.
Answered 07/24/2014 by: Nico_K
Red Belt

  • Thanks for posting this, Nico. Do some of the values need to be changed for my PC? I ran it as-is but nothing happened. Not very familiar with VBS scripts, obviously :)
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You will need to check for older versions and uninstall them if found, before installing the latest. 
Whether or not you can leverage KACE to audit for old versions is outside my knowledge.
However, if the GoToMeeting application is written as an MSI, then any competent MSI packager should be able to create a transform that removes older versions using the upgrade table.
Answered 07/24/2014 by: EdT
Red Belt

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