I have vb script to wrap .msi, .mst, and patches. When i tested install of msi with transform (mst), and it installed fine. But when i run the vbs wrapper, it says " The file specified could not be found". Any help?

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Check the path. The path in which you have specified the msi is not correct. If there are any spaces in the path, then you need to use chr(34) as " and then specify the complete path.

You can use Current Directory as below if you are keeping the vbs in the same folder:

sCurDir = Left(WScript.ScriptFullName, InStrRev(WScript.ScriptFullName, "\") - 1)
I have used this here but not like for installation, but you can figure it out.

~Piyush Nasa

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Answered 04/24/2013 by: piyushnasa
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Where is that script?

Answered 04/24/2013 by: jagadeish
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  • it's all over the page

    the "interesting" line is
    ' Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    oShell.Run chr(34) & sCurDir & "\Setup\setup.exe" & Chr(34) & " /q /full /norestart" , 1, 1
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