Can't find any way to set file or folder permissions in Pace Suite msi editor and generator. Is this just because I'm using evaluation version, or is this really a huge lack of feature in the suite?
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Hello, TimoP.

MSI Generator can detect any permission changes (files and registry) in time of capturing. You can just set file or folder permissions manually after first snapshot created and you will get MSI Generator project with those permissions. After that go to Permissions tab in MSI Generator and tick off permissions that you need and change Apply to MSI option to Secedit INF file + CA  to include permission Custom Actions to your MSI or MST. All additional efforts related to this action will be done by MSI Genarator automatically.

Thank you for your interest in our product.
Answered 10/02/2015 by: pace-support
Fifth Degree Brown Belt

  • Can I suggest that you add a possibility to change permissions after capture to your products?

    Sometimes we don't know what kind of permissions program requires before they get repackaged (because completely clueless original software package that has no idea of corporate environments where users are not automatically admins), and a need to change permissions raise after the initial capture and test by actual user.

    Also sometimes it is easier to do empty project, add files and set required permissions there than to do a capture.
    • Hello, TimoP.
      This feature has been already requested by our other customers and entered into our product backlog and respectively prioritized.
      We will inform our users of the date when this functionality will be released.
      Thank you for your suggestions and sorry for the inconvenience.
      • Great! With that in I can suggest to our moneytroll that we purchase your product. Everything in it looks good, and it's obviously a product that is just getting better.
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No tool I've used provides this feature.

You must either use one of the permissions tables [shudder] or, like most sensible packagers do, use a Custom Action to call SetACL or whatever your preferred permissioning tool is.

Remember, to save time in applying permissions, call your CA after the CreateFolders action and before the InstallFiles action: the files will inherit the folder's permissions.
Answered 10/01/2015 by: VBScab
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  • Dang, I was sure there was a way to set file and folder permissions. I guess I have been dreaming that.
    Maybe a feature request is in order
    Something in lines of:
    MsiLockPermissionsEx -table to modify instead of replace, but that has pretty much non-human-readable format, so if the tool would have human-readable way to use that it would be cool.


    Adminstudio Installshield has preset custom action to do permission tweaking, but that uses their own .dll to do the stuff needed, so not exactly msi-method.
    • I wasn't completely dreaming things. If you capture installation and during that installation modify security settings that capture gets them. You can then use msi generator own CA to apply those, but you can't add files or directories or anything like that in that screen.

      So that capability is there, but it isn't quite as good as I would have hoped.
  • Hi VBScab,
    RayPack can ;-)
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