Does somebody have experience with sequencing Bluebeam PDF Revu ? the vendor installer does contain a driver (so direct sequencing is not working). but is it possible to use the extracted msi files to sequence it (without the drivers) ?

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  • Unfortunately this can't be answered without some trial end error. Have you extracted the msi? (%temp% folder) or with file extractor software directly from the exe?

    If you can not extract a msi file consider repackaging the application to make a msi yourself and do the split from there.
    • ive extracted the revu from the temp directory, im now looking for the portion that installs the driver.
  • If you are lucky they dropped the driver in a separate feature. The separation is then easy,

    elevate the feature level of the driver feature above Instal level if you run setup for the AppV part,
    elevate the feature level for the application part above install level to create a driver package.
    The first one I would do in ORCA, the second one by making a nice mst.

    If the application does not have a separate feature look for components with sys en inf files, custom actions etc to enable/disable driver install.
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You need to download a msi at bluebeam download page (Enterprise Install). I'm not sure if you will be able to extract the printer driver from it. I'm working on this myself at the moment. I also need to use a sequence combined with the driver.


Good Luck !
Answered 06/25/2014 by: robin@grotendorst.com
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I got some answers from Bluebeam Support they say it can't be done !

Q: Is it possible to only installthe Bluebeam PDF printer from the MSI Installer ?? Can I use the BB_Featuresproperty for this purpose ?
A: There'sno way to install the Bluebeam PDF printer without installing Revu.

Wedon't have a separate installer just for the printer.

Q: Could you then tell mewhat commands / script are/is run when I tick the button “Reinstall Printer”From the administrator ??

A: Thecode for the “Reinstall Printer” option is hard coded within the Bluebeamadministrator application. There'sno way to install or reinstall the printer without using the Bluebeamadministrator.

I think sequencing is not possible at the moment.............

Answered 06/27/2014 by: robin@grotendorst.com
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