I am at my wit's end here. We are deploying Windows 7 Enterprise x64 via Kace. We have had a working scripted install for over a year now, and are finally taking the time to streamline it and update it. Using RT7 Lite and the exact same installation media as before, I slipstreamed in SP1, IE9, and a number of Windows updates. I also made a few tweaks (such as disabling UAC/Firewall through it instead of via Post-Install tasks, changing the default view of Control Panel, removing Windows Sidebar & Gadgets, etc)... nothing major. I then uploaded the resulting Windows 7 installation folder to the K2000 as a new Source Media. So far, so good.


Now, after the SI completes, there is an entry in Computer view for "HomeGroup" with a grey-text label "System Folder". If I double-click/open it, it takes me to 'Computer > HomeGroup' where it talks about "Accessing homegroups with a domain-joined computer' and has links to Start the HomeGroup Troubleshooter and Change Advanced Settings, etc. I am NOT talking about an entry in the navigation pane on the left-hand side, nor am I talking about a Desktop shortcut or a Libraries shortcut. This only appears under Computer view. Right-clicking on it only gives me the option to Open, Open in a new window, or Create shortcut. Additionally, if I sort & group my Computer view by 'Type' it appears under the heading 'Other'. If I group by Total Size, it appears under 'Unspecified'.


I have already tried the registry changes found here: http://forums.citrix.com/message.jspa?messageID=1497426 But they did not work, even after rebooting.

Please help me! Every Google search I did returned results that were unhelpful and I am unsure of what to do. I'd really hate to have SP1, IE9, and all the work I did be invalidated and have to be redone as post-install tasks all because of this stupid inexplicable issue.


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I wish I could help, I'm having the exact same problem- it's definitely caused by Rt7Lite.  But there is NO option to prevent it in the software, I can't even figure out which option "turns it on" but it doesn't/hasn't always happened.  The forum over there is dead- no response.  I've tried a number of things- none of them worked.  But afterwards my systems was so inexplicably messed up that I just had to reinstall windows because hords of critical things just stopped working (resulting from various "fixes" I tried).

Please do POST it here if you find a solution, as will I!

Answered 06/01/2012 by: auralarch
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