I'm looking for advice on how to copy an entire folder (and all the sub folders) to every windows computer on our network using Kace. Location would be C:\Folder\

We have a "tech folder" that I would like replicated to every machine. this folder is on all of our new devices' image but there are a large number of older machines that will need to receive it.

We DO use local replication agents as well so that should reduce some of the load to allow me to do this without too much screaming but I really would appreciate advice and thoughts on how best to go about this.

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Create an offline kscript with the following parameters:

Select windows or the specific windows versions

run even logged off and run once at next checkin

zip the contents of c:\folder with normal compression and attach to the kscript

The task:
verify a folder c:\folder exists
On success, log message c:\folder exists
remediation, unzip the zip file to c:\folder
Answered 08/11/2016 by: flip1001
Third Degree Brown Belt

  • I like this Idea particularly with the idea of afterwards being able to set up file synchs to make sure the latest version is always present within the folder; such as offline java installers; config files etc.
    • the only problem I seem to be having is my file might be too big to upload before the session timer times me out.
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Try the following:


Use File sync and zip it and it should unzip automatically.

Answered 08/12/2016 by: davreh99
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I really do find this to be a quick and easy solution to get folders, a program even copied out onto the computers that need this set up.  Being able to zip up everything into one folder to do essentially a copy out, is one of the easiest things to do.
Answered 08/12/2016 by: Cindy Kaldunski
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File synchronization is what you want to use for this task.
Answered 08/12/2016 by: rockhead44
Red Belt

  • I'm kind of thinking of using FS to keep certain files within the folder always current; ie java offline install files etc. but the shear size of the folder at my starting point has me leaning towards a kscript for initial deployment and file synch for maintenance.
    • How large is the folder?
      • too large LOL 1.65gb
        I don't think I can upload the folder through the adminui...If I could simply drop it into the specific kbot numbers folder on the server....
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