Anyone has the script/solution for silent upgrade/installation to IBM i Access for window 7.1 using KBOX for multiple PC?

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As a Windows Installer setup, you should be able to install it silently as you would any other: msiexec.exe /i <path/filename>.msi /qn

I don't think your question is a KBOX specific one (but if you are looking for a more product specific response, you could try the MSI Installer Wizard under Scripting > Configuration Policy). 

Answered 06/08/2012 by: bkelly
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  • HI Bkelly, once the response has created , then i would need to push to multiple pc using KBOX, However i don have any idea how to create the response file.
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I did this way. Dont know if you want to do it this way or not. But


1) extracted the files by using the switch /a, e.g., setup.exe /a

2) created a transform for cwbinstall.msi to have the upgrade version. It did work fine for me.

I couldn't get the uninstall to work as it has a dialog box that pops up when uninstalling it.

As the popup is not created by cwbinstall.msi, but it is created by another msi which is in a different folder location. Did even bother creating a transform for it as the chances of making it work are none.


Have to create a App-V for that. Have to see how that goes.



Answered 01/22/2013 by: Sidhugadu
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  • you have the configuration file setup.ini file where the this should be in place for a CmdLine
    CmdLine=/l*vx "%temp%\xe1instlogmsi.txt" TRANSFORMS=cwbinstall.mst /qn for the transform to get applied to the msi.
  • I've found using this method also allows you to update the administrative install with the latest service packs. Then you can deploy a fully updated install. See the following resources for additional info:

  • These are the following steps that I had to do for silently installing IBM i Access for windows 7.1:
    1) Had the base application extracted.
    2) had the visual C++ 2008 or 2010 downloaded
    3) Had the Service pack extracted.
    4) Created a transform for cwbinstall.msi
    5) edited CmdLine=/l*vx "%temp%\xe1instlogmsi.txt" TRANSFORMS=cwbinstall.mst /qn in setup.ini file to apply the transform.
    6) did the same for the SP also.
    7) Created a task sequence, where the task sequence needs to reboot the machine first and install the base install and then install Visual C++ 2008 or 2010 and then reboot the machine and then install the Service pack and then reboot the machine again.
    The whole process took a while. But that's the best could do to a silent install. But everything worked fine for that.

    Spent too much time on the IBM site which wasn't really helpful.
    • Sid,

      I'm curious how you got the install to actually be silent. IBM's documentation states that to suppress the language selection dialogue, you have to append /s to the install command line, for example:

      CmdLine=/l*vx "%temp%\xe1instlogmsi.txt" /v/qn /s

      Source: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/iseries/v7r1m0/index.jsp?topic=/rzaij/rzaijrzaijinstall.htm

      In my experience so far, this does nothing and the installer still stops and asks what language you want, which defeats the purpose of a SILENT install.

      • Dan,

        Frankly speaking I spent a good two months for that application to get everything into place. the user guide that IBM gave out did not work for me what so ever. So had to do my own research for that. extract the package by executing setup.exe /a. that should actually extract everything that you need. then if you still want to make changes to the installation you can create a TRANSFORM to cwbinstall. So that everything works fine for you. When you extract it would ask for the language. When you use the setup.exe after the extraction it should not prompt you with any thing.you will see the installers at the end of the installation but those are automated. If you still need help with it I can help you. drop me a line at sidhugorantla@gmail.com

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You can customize it and create an MST file if it is MSI. Or you can do a setup capture if it is in .exe format and convert to MSI. Then you can use silent switches to install it.

Answered 06/13/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • Thanks piyushnasa, i tried the create response from ibm website but don seems to work.
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