So I have been playing with SetComputerName.exe and it is quite nice,  Except that I have a few issues with the way it works and I am hoping someone has a nice solution.

I want to ensure that my new and current computers get assigned hostnames from a central location.  

The method from a datafile is nice and simple, I can use the serial number to match against a desired hostname and inject into the answer file.  But it means that I have to modify the zip file every time I add more computers.  Not the end of the world, but a little annoying.   This would be much better if I could put the file on a network share and reference it.  Then I can just modify that file on the fly and not worry also about replication issues.

Another option is to pull from the K1000 DB, which seems great until I saw that manually added inventory can't be automatically updated by the K1000.

The final option is to pull from the K2000 DB, but I don't seem to be able to reference the serial number to match the hostname, only reference the MAC address.  Plus adding inventory to is seems clunky.

So what do you do?
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We´re using the wsname (http://newstuff.clarke.co.nz/wsname) and a textfile with mac addresses and the related hostname:

000C28xxxxxx = NAME1
000C29xxxxxx = NAME2

and then using the script logic

wsname.exe /RDF:"namedb.dat" /DFK:$MAC /EXCLUDEADAPTERS[WIRELESS WLAN WIFI 4965 5100 5300 6200 6205 6300 BLUETOOTH PPP IPSEC] /LOGFILE:"%TEMP%\wsname.log"

you can also set the name based on the serial or other parameters. you´ll find further information on the wsname url.
Answered 12/16/2015 by: aragorn.2003
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I have not tested this but I think it would work:
Connect to the K2000 drivers_postinstall share and place your file there. This share is writeable when you connect with the SAMBA password.
The KBE maps the Y: drive to the K2000 peinst share. On the peinst share there is a drivers_postinstall folder that appears to map to the drivers_postinstall share.
Setup your setcomputername task to reference y:\drivers_postinstall\computernames.txt

Now when you need to update the file you can just update it on the drivers_postinstall share.

If that works, let me know.

Answered 12/16/2015 by: chucksteel
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  • Yes, this should work, and would be the way to go if you are also using RSAs since drivers_postinstall is synced out to them.

    If you aren't using RSAs, then you can just put it in the hidden PETEMP share (\\k2000\PETEMP) which is mounted in KBE as T:\

    PETEMP is not synced out and the contents of it is unique to each K2 or RSA instance.
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