Basically we've got some old obscure educational packages where we use some .dlls from the discontinuted livestate (wininter) which literally pushes and clicks buttons on the setup windows. We've just upgraded to Altiris.

Does anyone know how to easily lock the keyboard and mouse to stop the user during installation of interfering with the install windows?


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Why make it harder than it needs to be, by piling on tools to disable this and disable that? The simplest solution is to re-package the install into MSI format and install it silently.
Answered 08/26/2009 by: VBScab
Red Belt

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If you have Altiris, there is a utility called "wndctl.exe" which you can use do a lot of things, for instance lock userinput.

To lock input run "path-to-exe-file\wndctl.exe -lock"..

See the following list of commands:

-activate Make the window active
-minimize Minimize the window [for <n> seconds]
-maximize Maximize the window [for <n> seconds]
-restore Restore the window to prior state
-hide Hide the window [for <n> seconds]
-show Show the window [for <n> seconds]
-flash Flash the window title bar [<n> times (def=3, 0=forever)]
-close Close the window
-disable Disable the window [for <n> seconds]
-enable Enable the window [for <n> seconds]
-transparent[:<m>] Make the window transparent [for <n> seconds]
-opaque Make the window opaque [for <n> seconds]
-tile_h Tile all windows horizontally on desktop
-tile_v Tile all windows vertically on desktop
-cascade Cascade all windows on desktop
-center Move window to center of screen
-move:<x>,<y> Move window to <x> and <y>
-size:<w>,<h> Resize window to <w> and <h>
-top Make window topmost
-bottom Make window bottommost
-mid Make window not topmost
-title:<title> Set window title (to <title>
-poweroff[:force,noprompt] Power system off
-shutdown[:force,noprompt] Shut system down
-reboot[:force,noprompt] Reboot system
-logoff[:force,noprompt] Log user off
-lockuser[:force,noprompt] Lock workstation
-lock Lock input for all windows [for <n> seconds]
-unlock Unlock and allow input for all windows
Answered 08/26/2009 by: JEBO
Senior Yellow Belt

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yes, we are looking at purchasing a packaging tool, it's just too much of a headache with some of the packages we have

JEBO - Thanks! will definately have a look at that, useful to know, even if we are getting a packaging tool.

Answered 09/01/2009 by: skhudy
Senior Yellow Belt

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Answered 09/12/2016 by: Timokirch
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