Tried installing through record file -- >>Ra_Auto.ini,but cancel button is prompting during installation and Finish button is prompted after installation.Also, all the components are not getting installed through this method.
Uninstallation is not clean and this package installs 23 MSIs and 19 Drivers.
Installing MSIs one by one doesn't solve the problem either as its doesn't install all the MSIs.
This application also installs SQL Server 2008.
Any suggestions???


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  • Write your own scripts to install all of the msi's and a separate script uninstall them as well.
  • script isn't working as I have already mentioned in the question.
    I need a silent switch for it.

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- Install any of the pre-requisites, e.g. SQL Server. I can practically guarantee there will be Visual C++ runtimes required, too, so install those. Keep them as separate entities, away from your 'main' installation package.
- Clear your %TEMP% and %SystemRoot%\TEMP locations
- Enable MSI logging
- Restart the VM (you are using VMs/VPCs, right?)
- Run the installer
- %TEMP% will now contain a whole bunch of LOG files prefixed 'MSI'. Examine each of these in turn to determine what properties are used during the installation. You can then use those properties in your transforms. The date/time stamp will also provide a handily-sorted execution order.

Answered 12/11/2013 by: VBScab
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  • Thanks, am trying that.Will let you know the result.
  • I have tried the workaround suggested ..
    but the parameters are not sufficient to run the setup (MSI) silently
  • Any more suggestions anybody??