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Since upgrading to v9 I am unable to import devices using csv or ods file.  It will only allow xml which I do not have.

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  • Are you trying to import a manual device to the inventory or a device asset?
  • I have 52 assets that are no longer in production and I want to change their status and location etc. Prior to update to 9 I was able to import a csv file.
    • This is done in Asset Management, Import Assets. It sounds like you are trying to do it in the inventory module.
  • I was in the right module, however I think there was an issue with getting it from ODS to CSV. I actually have the document importing now. It does not update any of the empty fields, but it does import. Do you have any info on how to have the import update empty fields. It just rejects me stating it is a duplicate. Thanks

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