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How to force KACE 3.7 to recheck disk space?

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I wanted to know if there was a way to force KACE to verify the available disk space? Maybe through an image inventory or something? The user guide simply says it auto updates every hour. Well I have waited for 3 hours so far and it does indeed auto-update...it just won't recognise that we have deleted a 70GB image, and so won't report the correct amount of free space. This is causing us issues as we're well under the recommended 20% free space mark. We have tried restarting both the KACE appliance and the Windows server that the GUI runs on - no dice. 

We were capturing an image the other day, though we didn't expect it to be so large, and some idiot pressed cancel at the 97% mark. Would this have confused KACE in some way? Could this have corrupted things?

I really, REALLY don't want to have to reinstall the appliance and reimport everything...I just want the damn thing to report the true amount of free space. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you


KACE version 3.7, virtualised.
GUI runs off Server 2008 R2, also virtualised.
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  • Thanks...should have tried that first. Looks like it worked OK.

    For anyone else on 3.7, this shows up as 'Delete unused system image files' rather than 'Purge...' in the Appliance Maintenance menu.
    • sorry forgot they changed the wording

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run purge after you delete the files (Delete unused system image files)
Answered 03/01/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • OK...another update.

    The 'delete unused files' did indeed clear the space and KACE now reports it correctly. I still can't image though, getting this error as soon as it starts to deploy in image:

    X:\KACE\engine\KACEEngine is not a valid Win32 application

    Never seen this before, not on any of the versions of KACE we have used.
    Google search turns up nothing.

    Anyone have any ideas on what this might be?

    I can't help think that it's connected to someone cancelling a very large image the other day...everything was fine up until then.


    • that sounds like you some how have the wrong byte type kaceengine for the pe environment
      • 'somehow' indeed...I wouldn't even know how to change that if I wanted to.

        Is it possible to change it back? Apologies if that's a dumb question.
      • that is a guess, no idea how that would get changed unless the disk space has corrupted the engine on the kbox. it is copied to the image and then executed. one way to test if it is corrupted is boot into your kbe and open a recovery (cmd) window. switch to drive y and cd\hta\amd64 or x86, whatever your byte type the kbe should be. type kaceengine and see if you just get a prompt back or that error
      • OK, so I went into a command prompt (through the KACE recovery console) and ran Y:\hta\amd64\KACEengine.exe

        It returned the cmd prompt immediately, no error.

        So I set a PC imaging (standard Optiplex 3020 we use regularly) and it seemed to start fine. I'll know for sure once it finishes...but the signs are good given that it wouldn't get that far yesterday.

        I'll update again later.
      • On a related topic...our KACE environment is virtual. The appliance initially had a 350GB partition assigned to it to store the images. This started to fill up pretty quick so we increased (through ESX) the partition size to 450GB. KACE, however, will not see that extra 100GB.

        It has been carved up on the SAN OK, presented to the ESX server OK and assigned to the KACE VM OK...but the appliance still seems to think it only has 350GB on that partition.

        Is there any way to 're-scan' the disk to get that extra 100GB available, or would I need Dell assistance for that?

        Thank you
      • support would need to help on your disk space that is at the open BSD level
      • This is all working now. Not sure how we fixed it, or what caused it, but after a second restart and file cleanup we are imaging again. Thanks to all.
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