I've created a custom software inventory to pick up how many versions of application X I have running in my environment. This rule works.

It picks up all the pcs that have the software. I want to deploy a newer version of this application to those pcs running it.

When I setup a managed installed - it tells me that there are no pc's to install it too. When I check the label, it is ticked as a software and device label but no devices are getting applied to it.


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  • Did you associate your managed install with the software title for the specific version or for the custom software rule?
  • So is your label returning software or devices? Sounds like you made a software label and want it to return devices that have that software installed.
  • The custom inventory rule is looking for a specific version of software. It picks up all instances of the software and shows me the machines running it.
    When I go to a managed install, it wants to deploy against a machine label. I setup a software label against the CIR but I also clicked devices. But it doesn't increment or register and devices against it.
  • Check, yes my managed install is setup against the CIR.
  • I think I'm getting confused because of the different pronouns not being clear. Are you saying that you have a custom inventory rule that detects software but you also have a smart label for machines with that software but the label isn't being applied to computers with the software?
  • Kinda...(more confusion)....
    1. Yes, I created 2 CIR to collect machines running version 1 & 2 of software X. Let's called this CIR_AppX1 and CIR_AppX2
    The CIR_AppX(1&2) checks each devices inventory and increments the version of AppX running in my environment. Around 126 machines have this AppX version 1 installed. 1 machine with Version 2 installed
    2. In the CIR properties for both version there is an "assign to label" - I created a label here for each (S_AppX1 & S_AppX2) and clicked both software and device within it's own properties. I can only choose manually created software labels here. Device or smartlabels do not show.
    3. These label picks up that it has 1 CIR software against it but it does not apply any devices against it .
    4. I want to upgrade all version 1 to version 2 for AppX. I want to apply this version to all devices in the CIR_AppX1 inventory. The managed install allows me to pick the CIR_Appx2 as the software to configure but in the deploy to label area - I can only pick labels (not CIR's). I pick the label S_AppX1 but no devices show to run so the upgrade doing start.
  • So, my question and problem is, how I do I create a software CIR and then get it to run on a machine label?
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