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Hey guys,

Anybody have any tips for deploying Jenzabar EX 6 using the K1000? Also would love to be able to deploy the Hotfix as well. Any help would be much appreciated!
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  • Welcome to the forum, Billy. In what form(s) do you currently have the installers? Any chance you can get an MSI?
    • The installer is an .exe. The trouble I'm having is with actually scripting the installer. I have a .dat file which is supposed to run the installer silently. I been trying to run them using a .bat with the command start C:\Users\bartonb\Desktop\jenzabar_packadge\EX_6.3.3_Setup.exe /s /v"/qn SETUPFILE=\"C:\Users\bartonb\Desktop\jenzabar_packadge\remote_deploy.dat""

      but havent had any success so far
      • does it work if you run this command locally on a computer (as opposed to through KACE)?
    • no it doesnt work even when run locally. I would obviously have to adjust the files locations for a network drive when running through kace. The command came from instructions I found for an older version of Jenz but maybe the parameters have changed.
      • getting it working locally is your first step. Can you contact their support to get an updated install string?
  • I'm starting think that is the route I will have to go. I don't have a good contact with them at the moment so I was just wondering if somebody on here already had it.

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