Please help me how to Deploy IBM Lotus Notes 9 through K1000

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  • First, install the program on a test machine that has the KBox agent installed on it. Allow the machine time to check in so that a software inventory record is created. Next, you'll want to use a program like 7-zip to extract all the files from the original .exe package to a folder. Make a note of the name of the MSI file in that folder, which should be something like "IBM Notes 9.0.1 Social Edition.msi."

    Zip that folder back up and then upload it to the software inventory record previously created. Next, create a new Managed Installation in the Distribution section of the K1000. Select the software record you just created and then for the Installation command section, choose "Configure Manually."

    Depending on what features you want to install and how you want it to be deployed (i.e. silently with no user interaction to all users), you can enter and/or modify this command line as needed:

    msiexec /i "IBM Notes 9.0.1 Social Edition.msi" ALLUSERS=2 /qb-! /l*v %SYSTEMDRIVE%\temp\Notes_901_Install.log

    You could also add to the command line for different features you might want to add like:


    I would also recommend checking the box for "Don't prepend msiexec.exe" as I've seen in the past where it doesn't let you use all the parameters I've listed above unless that box is checked.

    From there, the rest should be pretty self explanatory.
  • One thing I'll add to this.... For larger packages like Notes, MS Office, etc. I usually like to create a File Synchronization to copy the files over to the machine and extract them to a folder first and then run the Managed Install after that's done so that the Managed Install doesn't take as long. Otherwise, the MI has to make the user wait longer while it downloads the file, extract it from the zip file and finally run the install. If you have remote offices like we do, this could save quite a bit of time.
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