my vm is connected to internet through LAN.
But, i want to run internet only through proxy without being disconnected from LAN.
I was able to create proxy server using ccproxy app and its working ,however not able to disable internet if accessed directly.
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  • So your question *actually* is, how do I disable access to the Internet unless it's via a proxy server, right?
  • yes..i just want to create environment where internet runs only throrugh proxy server..
    • So use Group Policy to set your browser's connection to be via the proxy server. You can also cause IE's 'Connections' tab to be disabled, to put off casual tweakers, via GP.
      • but what if i am not using internet from browser ..
        i am executing java file which connect to the internet during installation of my app...
  • IE settings control access to the Internet, period.
  • ok..could you please tell in group policy,how to make browser connection through proxy only...
    • If you need me to tell you how to set this, you currently have no place messing with Group Policy. Consult with your domain administrator.
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