I want to add this option to a list of functions I already have in this feature which then can exectuted from the devices listing.  Going to the distribution, wake on LAN feature takes too much time as I have to go back and forth every time I want to wake up a machine.  Having this as one of the drop down items would be awesome!

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  • i don't believe there is a way as WOL is sending a packet out and Device Action is looking to launch an application. Unless you are using another application that you can call with the Device Actions, for now you may have to go back and forth.

    Rumor has it they are looking to add WOL as a option from the "Chose Action" drop down like they did with force inventory.

    If I am wrong, I would love seeing a work around from someone else that has come up with using the KBOX WOL option.

    you may have seen this already

  • I reviewed the link above and tried: "\\server\sharepath\WakeMeOnLan\WakeMeOnLan.exe" /wakeup KACE_HOST_IP and with KACE_MAC_ADDRESS, etc. but will not work as the wakemeonlan.exe doesn't know how to handle the "KACE" parameter...any ideas?
    • how do you get to this share, the command runs as system so it does not have access. You need to a special share the "everybody" can read so even non domain users/machines can attach to it
      • Thanks for the response.
        The server and workstations are on same LAN but not sure if the location for the .exe is accessible to all...will try to run from a public share.
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One way you can get this to work

1.Run the kace admin from servers browsers

2. On that server, have a third party wol.exe on it.  Then under settings - control panel - general settings - device actions create a new custom action to call that exe with the kace variables.

3. have the subnets trunked to that server that the machines are on that you want to wake up.

We use our dchp servers to do this trick since they are vlan'd for DHCP.
Answered 06/11/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Not sure if we can do this from the kbox server itself as we access the appliance admin log on using the workstation browsers.
    • We use RDC to get to the servers and run the browser on the server. (we have 5 sites and a server at each site for this)

      That is gotcha with this approach. You have to give rights to logon to the server to your staff. We set up an IT group that cannot mess up the server, just use remote desktop login and run the programs and access the directory the wol.exe is in.
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      • Here are a couple of DOS commands that I have working but only works if I enter in mac for the machine. The kace variables don't work from DOS so I supplement them when adding as device action but still no go...will keep trying!


        runas /user:XXX\admin "c:\psexec.exe -acceptula -s \\server C:\temp\WMOL_1_61\WakeMeOnLan.exe /wakeup 00:18:8B:2B:35:0B"
        "\\server\share\wol\wakemeonlan\WakeMeOnLan.exe" /wakeup 00:18:8B:2B:35:0B
      • Have not tried this myself but you may be able to use "for do set" command to create the mac as dos variable by reading the kace mac in a custom action batch file to a set dos variable then you can use that variable in the rest of the batch file.


        One other thought is to create a custom software inventory that stores the mac address, and use that as the variable to wake the machine.

        this is from the help on device actions for version 6.0, it shows you can use a custom inventory task as a variable by naming it in your command.

        Device actions can be executed against known unmanaged and managed systems. During execution of a device action, the K1000 will replace action variables with their respective values. Currently supported variables are:


        The * should be replaced with the software name which has a custom inventory rule. Upon performing Device Action, the name is replaced with the custom inventory rule value for the device. The software name should be added in upper case. Only allowed characters are [A-Z0-9.-]."

        so you could then have the third party wol.exe on workstations or have the stations mapped to the share that you want to use to wake the others from and when you use the browser to call that device action it will pass that variable to your command.
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