I've made a successful distribution for Adobe Acrobat Pro XI on Mac and Windows, but I'm having issues with the Mac version when it comes to installing the update. 

The managed installation goes off without issue, but if I install the 11.0.01 update locally on the computer, then force an inventory update on from KBOX, the K1000 thinks that it no longer has Acrobat Pro XI (11.0.0) and tries to install it again. 

I've made a smart label that has both 11.0.0 and 11.0.01 in it, and added it to the different Software inventory items (that were created automatically, not custom software items), but this is still happening. It's not happening for the Windows computers, however. 

I didn't see a way to bundle the update in with the distribution, and we're sending this to users who have local admin access and are used to / expected to install Adobe updates on their own, so I don't want their comptuers to keep trying to install Acrobat 11.0.0 after they've installed the 11.0.01 update. 

Thanks for any help! 

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  • Hey, can you help me with the distribution process?

    I packaged acrobat pro XI using the customization wizard on Mac.
    Now, I have .pkg file ready to be delivered, what next?
    Using Kbox dell.

    Thank you,
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This is a huge issue for distributions that I run into frequently as well. I normally approach it by assigning a smart label to the distribution in combination with another label. For instance, if there is a subset of computers that are supposed to get Acrobat Pro I will create a label like "Deploy Acrobat Pro XI". I then have a smart label that looks for computers that have the label "Deploy Acrobat Pro XI" but don't have "Acrobat XI Pro" in the software titles. This smart label will then apply to computers that need the software but don't have any version of Acrobat XI Pro installed (since the title matches multiple sub versions). Once the distribution is installed the smart label will no longer be applied (since it now has the software) and even if an update is applied it shouldn't get the label again.

Answered 02/20/2013 by: chucksteel
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  • That is a clever solution! Hopefully KACE will address this issue in a future update.
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Here's how you can bundle the update with the distribution:

Save the latest .msp in your distribution point (AcrobatUpd1015.msp for ex). This is the same folder with your setup.exe, Setup.ini, etc. Edit the Setup.ini file and add this line under the [Product] section:


When you run your install it will automatically apply said patch. When there's a new patch released just pop it in the same location and update your .ini file.

Answered 02/21/2013 by: jegolf
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  • This is for a Mac distribution, but thanks for the ideas!
  • Doh! My brain lives in a Windows world. I also need to learn how to read again and not skim... ;)
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