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Hi, I'm new in KACE  and I try to find out how push a script that install Calabrio to our user in the Sydney office, some user in our office are complain about it.  thanks for your help 

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  • How do you know which computers are in the Sydney office? Do you have a smart label for those machines? or are you just manually pushing the scrip to the Sydney office by typing each computer that is in the Sydney office?

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The best method is to create a managed installation for the software. You manuall install the software on one of the computers that has the Kace client on it and then you create a managed installation to push the software. You can apply the managed installation to smart label (group of computers based on location, IP range, or any searchable criteria.

Take a look at the following links that will provide more detail.



Answered 07/29/2019 by: dolsen
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  • Thanks appreciate your help