Hi All, 

I am sure, its some kind of silly question but jus want to clarify with the professionals here. I devided my Applications into 3 categories like (Based on the Packaging complexicity and Modifications needed)

1) Simple

2) Medium

3) Complex

so how much time I need to take for each application? here I am giving my estimated times like SIMPLE [12-16 hrs], MEDIUM [20-24 hrs] and COMPLEX [32-40 hrs]. so is it really okay ?? Do I need to change a bit?

Here I am working 8 hrs per Day and this will not include UAT testing times . If any modifications mentioned by UAT team that will take some more time excluding above hours?? 

your suggessions will be much appreciated 


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You can divide your applications into 5 category like Super Simple, Simple, Medium, Complex, Highly Complex rather than dividing into 3 category..

You should not package applications in hurry... Haste makes waste

Ofcourse you need to pay some special and more attention when you get ad-hoc request..

Ensure that you are not throwing the ball on wall otherwise it will come back to you with lot of pressurre and force and hit you like anything..

If you are planning to keep the timelines in document then you can set the time line as shown below

Super Simple     - 8 Hrs

Simple - 16 Hrs

Medium - 24 Hrs

Complex - 40 Hrs

Highly Complex - 56 Hrs

The above calculation is including Technical Review, Packaging, Conflict Analysis, QA everything..

I would say spent some good amount of time in technical review and analyze the application properly to avoid any last minutes surprises..

Some complex and Highly complex application takes more time for installation/repair/uninstallation itself..

Every application will be having its own issues..

You have to cover all aspect from your customer point of view when you test your package..

Answered 08/09/2012 by: jagadeish
Red Belt

  • Thanks a lot, Good to know these things. Could you explain how do you determine a package falls under certain category which you mentioned above? If I already worked on that application I will come to know about it but if not whats the case??
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I think the most important thing you need to make sure is that your estimates correspond to your skill and speed.

It's also a good thing to have some spare time. If you say 8 hours and it ends up taking ~12 hours, the orderer will surely be grumpy. However, if you say 16 hours, and it takes 12, they'll be happy. It's all about psychology. :)

On a side note, make sure to drill your orderers to provide all needed material you need for packaging.

It's a good time saver to have a proper instruction, correct installation media and version including prerequisites and license if needed. And also make sure they know that the time starts when everything is in place.

Answered 08/10/2012 by: andemats
Second Degree Black Belt

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It depends largely upon your packaging process-- if you include documentation, user validation testing, deployment testing, etc. it will take much longer than someone who considers seeing a successful silent installation in a local VM "done". In more complex environments things like conflict testing and resolution also come into play and this can be a big time killer. 

All that said, I think the best thing to do is measure the speed of your own team and adjust your estimates accordingly over time. One thing we are trying to do in the Software Library here at ITNinja (aside from the obvious goal of handing you deployment answers) is collect a crowed-sourced "difficulty rating" which, used effeictvely, could help you quickly determine this simple-medium-complex factor.

Answered 08/10/2012 by: bkelly
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You will probably hate me but here is my estimated times I tell my users but I doing this all day long for a year.

Simple - 2-4 hours

Medium 8-12 hours

Complex 24+ hours

Answered 08/09/2012 by: Estes
Second Degree Blue Belt

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