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I'm stuck on trying to get our new Dell Latitude 3500 to boot with network. I can not seem to find the correct bios setting. Legacy Boot mode is not supported and that's usually how i boot up my machines to the K2000. It also doesn't help that this bios is very clunky, i have to hook up an external mouse to even navigate through it. I've reached out to Quest support, but it's been a week with no response on where to go. 

I attached a pic of the bios, and a video of what happens when i select ipv4 network bootup. 

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/40mqhioa7x860ig/20191009_184228.mp4?dl=0

bios: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ede5w8881myvbim/20191010_160836.jpg?dl=0

Any guidance would be much appreciated! 

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Those devices come up with a brand new BIOS and they're UEFI Only.

-Make sure Secure Boot is Disabled
-Make sure you are booting from a UEFI Source.
-Make sure your DHCP is properly configured to handle UEFI PXE Boot Requests.
-Make sure your BIOS is up to date.

Also some models are NOT compatible with iPXE Out of the Box, and I have seen DELL releasing a new BIOS later on to handle iPXE.
If other devices are fine, then.... you will have to use a USB-KBE formatted in FAT32 as workaround for this particular model.

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  • As what was said above about the Secure Boot being turned off. I have also run into issues with the network adapters being used aren't compatible. On the 7300 & 7400 series Dells, I had to use a USB C to ethernet adapter rather than the standard USB A to ethernet adapter to get it to recognize iPXE. I now have a Dell DA300 (hockey puck) that I keep at my desk for instances like this. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-usb-c-mobile-adapter-da300/apd/470-acwn/pc-accessories
  • Thank You Nick. I did not have a UEFI Bootfile created. When I did my initial training over the summer, they only had the BIOS PXE boot file configured. Thanks for the tip as well Rypalcovic! I haven't run into using a USB-KBE or Ethernet adapter yet, but that dell hockey puck looks like it would be helpful to have when i do!