Is there a trick to get the Deploy User States post-installation task to work correctly after an image deployment?

I have Kace deploying a WIM image, then for post-installation tasks I need to:

1. Reboot

2. Rename computer, install Kagent, Join domain Task

3. Deploy User States

It works on our new Dell PCs with SSD drives, but not our older (slow) PCs with SSD drives.

I've tried using a Ksleep from 30 seconds to 4 minutes between task 2 & 3, or none.

I've tried reversing tasks 2 and 3 which works on the new Dells, and adding varying Ksleep between again.

I've tried a Ksleep before task 2, etc.

The older PCs do Rename the PC, install the Kagent and join the domain fine, but they don't get the userstates and there are no errors presented.

Anyone have a sample postinstall they use that works or any suggestions?


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  • What operating system and what version of USMT did you use to capture, which version are you using to deploy?
  • All PCs have Windows 7 Enterprise, and USMT 4 was used in KAce to capture everyone's user state.

    I'd be okay with deploying the userstate afterwards, but wished there was a way to deploy them automatically using Kace somehow instead of manually. I have 170 PC to deploy.
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We went to creating k1000 scripts to put the user states back on the machines.  You can reference the \\ikbox share for the mig file.

We went to capturing the Mig overnight with a WOL command and then running a k1000 Migration capture script.  Then a tech runs the mig to the replacement machine or back to the same system after reimaging from the console. 

Answered 06/27/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Thanks,

    We have already captured everyone's Userstates with Kace (USMT4), so they are all stored on Kace2000. I was hoping to have them predeployed after the image is completed, or in some other automated way.

    When you say have the tech run the mig, what procedure are you using?
    I.e. loadstate, double-click, etc.
    We are changing out 170 PCs, so we were hoping to just drop the new ones in their new location. Can they be deployed without logging on as that user, since that would require the user to logon or can that be done as admin somehow? I thought that would ovewrite the admin profile...
  • SMal, would you be willing to write a blog on creating that kind of a script on the K1000? I'm trying to deploy user states to identical usernames on a new domain. There doesn't seem to be a way to change the loadstate command line options in the 2000, so the 1000 makes sense to take care of it, but I'm not sure how to go about it.
    • I will do that when I get back to work, Just had my hip replaced two days ago, so I am off work and cannot get to the scripts I have on the kbox
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