How do you link SW for Managed installation. I have 5 packages one of which needs to be installed first then the others need to install in any order how do i do this within KACE?

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Assuming I understand the question, you want to set the order that different packages install when the machine checks into the KACE box, right? If so, I would recommend using the "Deploy Order" box under managed installations. Lowest deploy order number deploys first.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: Ben M
Ninth Degree Black Belt

  • That can also be done by setting multiple tasks in scripting. Verify a file exists on task 2 that the first package installed.

    I would also encourage you to vote on this. http://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-k1000/suggestions/1281951-ability-to-give-mi-s-dependencies
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What's SW? Sorry it's Monday and I'm feeling a little slow.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: dugullett
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  • I am a little curious about this myself quite honestly. I think I understand the question but SW doesn't ring any bells for me.
    • Unless he means Shockwave?
  • SoftWare?
  • That was my first guess, but rarely see it uppercase.

    • Wow.... I was way off. I was thinking Sandwich.
    can you tell it's my lunch time here in Reno!
  • Sorry guys across the water we in rainy Scotland use SW for software!
    • Got ya.... Learn something new everyday. I'll know for next time.
  • The world of acronyms
  • A strange world, foreign and complex even to its inhabitants and creators.
  • Yep and SW the first answer is software on this site, go figure
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I would set prerequisites for the presence of a file from the first install before the second will run and so on.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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Based on what Ben, dugullett, and SMal.tmcc said, you have a couple of options. 

Here's what I'd do:

I'd use a machine smart label that looks for the presense of the software that has to be installed initially in order to show machines that have it installed. 

Say for example it was Firefox that had to be installed first.  You would add a machine smart label with something like: Software Titles contains Firefox

You would use that machine label as the "Limit deployment to label" on the other MIs. Once that smart label populates, the other MIs will kick off on their own.

Answered 07/23/2012 by: jknox
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